Loudon County, Tennessee

Planning and Codes Enforcement Office

Stormwater Program - Education and Public Involvement

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Education is a central component of Loudon County’s stormwater program. Educational materials like brochures, bookmarks, and flyers are available on topics like landscape design and maintenance, hazardous substances, erosion control, construction site maintenance, and other related topics. Educational materials are designed to reach different demographic groups including school aged children, construction contractors, homeowners and local businesses. Contact our office for copies of educational materials.

Rain Barrel Construction Workshop

Staff have conducted demonstration workshops on the construction and use of rain barrels in a residential setting. Rain barrels collect water runoff from rooftops and store the water for future use in landscape maintenance. The collection of stormwater runoff from rooftops reduces flooding and pollution caused by stormwater runoff and recycles water for reuse during extended periods of drought. Contact our office if your group would like a workshop presentation.

Baker Creek Watershed Group

The Baker Creek Watershed Group is a volunteer organization composed of property owners, concerned citizens and public officials from Loudon and Blount County working to manage land use activities in the watershed to improve water quality in Baker Creek. The creek is a 303D listed stream polluted from ecoli and sediment.