Loudon County, Tennessee

Planning and Codes Enforcement Office

Meetings & Agendas

The Loudon County Planning Commission and Loudon County Board of Zoning Appeals meet monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 P.M. in the Loudon County Courthouse Annex (located at 101 Mulberry Street, Loudon, TN 37774). The Loudon County Planning Commission reviews development requests for property located in unincorporated areas of Loudon County and inside the City of Greenback. Agendas are generally available from seven to ten days prior to a meeting. Links below will take you to prior monthly agendas and minutes of each of these boards.

The City of Loudon Regional Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meet monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:30 P.M. in Loudon City Hall (201 Alma Place, Loudon, TN 37774). The Loudon Regional Planning Commission reviews development requests for property inside the City of Loudon, areas within the urban growth boundary of the city, and inside the City of Philadelphia. Agendas are generally available from seven to ten days prior to a meeting. Links for prior monthly agendas and minutes are provided below.

Meeting agendas for both the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) and Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) can be found here (for both Loudon County and the City of Loudon).

Loudon CountyCity of Loudon
RPC/BZA July 5, 2017Agendas
HZC July 5, 2017AgendaCancelled
RPC/BZA June 20, 2017AgendasRPC/BZA June 7, 2017AgendasMinutes
HZC June 7, 2017AgendaCancelled
RPC/BZA May 16, 2017AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA May 3, 2017AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA April 18, 2017AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA April 5, 2017AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA March 21, 2017AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA March 1, 2017AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA February 21, 2017AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA February 1, 2017AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA January 17, 2017AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA January 4, 2017Cancelled
HZC December 15, 2016AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA December 20, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA December 7, 2016Cancelled
HZC November 10, 2016AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA November 15, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA November 2, 2016Cancelled
RPC/BZA October 18, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA October 5, 2016AgendasMinutes
HZC October 5, 2016Minutes
RPC/BZA September 20, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA September 7, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA August 16, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA August 3, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA July 19. 2016AgendasMinutesHZC July 14, 2016AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA July 6, 2016AgendasMinutes
HZC June 9, 2016AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA June 21, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA June 1, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA May 17, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA May 4, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA April 19, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA April 6, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA March 15, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA March 2, 2016AgendasMinutes
HZC February 18, 2016AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA February 16, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA February 3, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA January 19, 2016AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA January 6, 2016AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA December 15, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA December 2, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA November 17, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA November 4, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA October 20, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA October 7, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA September 15, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA September 2, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA August 18, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA August 5, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA July 21, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA July 1, 2015AgendasMinutes
HZC, July 1, 2015AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA June 16, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA June 3, 2015AgendasMinutes
HZC, May 14, 2015AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA May 19, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA May 6, 2015AgendasMInutes
RPC/BZA, April 21, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA April 1, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, March 17, 2015AgendasMinutesRPC, March 4, 2015AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA, February 17, 2015AgendasRPC/BZA, February 4, 2015AgendasMinutes
HZC, January 29, 2015AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA, January 20, 2015AgendasRPC/BZA, January 7, 2015AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, December 16, 2014AgendasMinutesDecember 3, 2014AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA November 18, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC, November 5, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA October 21, 2014AgendasMinutesHZC, October 9, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, October 1, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, September 16, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, September 3, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, August 19, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, August 6, 2014Agendas
BZA Special Called, August 11, 2014AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA, July 15, 2014CancelledRPC/BZA, July 9, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, June 17, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC, June 4, 2014AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA, May 20, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC, May 7, 2014AgendaMinutes
RPC/BZA, April 15, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, April 9, 2014AgendasMinutes
BZA, March 18, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, March 5, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, February 18, 2014MinutesRPC/BZA, February 5, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, January 21, 2014AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, January 8, 2014AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, December 17, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, December 4, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, November 19, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, November 6, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, October 15, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, October 1, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, September 17, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, September 4, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, August 20, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, August 7, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, July 16, 2013AgendasMinutesHZC, July 22, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, July 3, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, June 18, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, June 5, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, May 21, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, May 1, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, April 16, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, April 3, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, March 19, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, March 6, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, February 19, 2013AgendasMinutesHZC, February 27, 2013AgendasMinutes
RPC/BZA, January 15, 2013AgendasMinutesRPC/BZA, January 9, 2013AgendasMinutes