Loudon County, Tennessee

Planning and Codes Enforcement Office

Residential Permit Information

Items needed for a residential building permit are listed here.

  1. Septic Permit (if applicable)
  2. Site Plan - this can be hand drawn. (click here to see an example)
  3. Number of stories, the square footage of conditioned space, and the square footage of unconditioned space and/or garage
  4. The cost of construction (this includes everything but the cost of the lot)
  5. A copy of the contractor license. Note: homeowners wanting to be their own contractor must comply with T.C.A. 62-6-103. If you are applying for a manufactured home or a modular home permit, we will need a copy of the Installer's License.
  6. Copy of the contractor's Workman's Compensation Certificate
  7. The Estimate of School Facilities Privilege Tax form is based on the square footage of the conditioned living space and must be signed by the applicant, when the permit is obtained. If the property owner is not applying for the permit, the contractor must have the owner's acknowledgement form signed by the property owner before the permit will be issued. This applies to new homes and also to, basements that were permitted after 2007 but were not included in the conditioned living space at the time of their construction.